Here at Safety Risk Solutions we don’t ask others to do what we aren’t willing to do ourselves. Recycling and doing our bit for the environment is no different.

Our owner and Managing Director, Vadim Pantall lives and breathes it living on his sustainable off grid property which is not connected to the grid for power and water – even having no mail delivery or rubbish collection. Apart from some fuel for tractors, and a mobile phone signal so he can work and be contacted by you – his valuable clients, it’s a little patch of paradise that is doing more than it’s fair share in helping the environment.

In our offices, we take recycling serious too. We purchase recycling buckets which come pre-paid so that when we do have single use batteries to dispose of, they don’t get placed in landfill, they can be safely transported to an approved recycling facility for processing so the resources can be extracted wherever practicable and avoid any of the harmful components damaging the environment from the disposal process.

If you’d like some tips on how to help manage your waste footprint and do more towards an environmentally sustainable future, contact us on (08) 9840 5901 or drop us a line via the Contact us tab.