About Us


Our mission is to assist small to medium sized organisations harness opportunity and reduce the risk of harm through simple, practicable and workable HSEQ system improvements


To end the need for HSEQ professionals as a standalone occupation because it is just ‘how we work’


We aim to change the mindset of the Australian workplace that simple and effective HSEQ management is profitable and really just common sense. We believe the health, safety environmental and quality frameworks at their core, are based on common sense principles so form a structure that supports good work practices that will ultimately make you money through reducing uncertainty.


Our journey into the HSEQ space started by being at the receiving end – we worked doing jobs that workers were expected to follow health and safety systems as part of day to day work. We’ve seen it work OK and experienced it work poorly. We’ve seen people manage their work in a practicable and logical mindset despite some illogical expectations and we’ve seen good workers do some dumb things because the system and processes encouraged it. Like all people, we’ve also done our fair share of hazardous things because it seemed just too hard to follow illogical processes and were often in some way rewarded for cutting corners.

We knew that we didn’t want to get hurt, harm the environment or deliver a poor quality service/product and the intent of a HSEQ system is to help this isn’t it? Surely it’s not meant to make it harder to work safely etc.?

Our team have experience as workers, trainers, HSEQ professionals and business owners for many years in a wide range of industries and it’s this experience that formed the foundation of Safety Risk Solutions (or as we often refer to ourselves – SRS). Our values, vision, and mission all reflect this mindset that it’s simply good business and financially beneficial to have simple, workable and effective health, safety, environmental and quality systems in place that support the team members in their day to day work.