ISO Certification earns more than it costs

Do you want more work with bigger clients instead of all the effort of chasing lots of little invoices all the time?

The bigger clients such as large contractors, State Government departments or local shires often require their contracting partners to be ISO certified for 9001 Quality, 14001 Environmental and 45001 OHS management systems of they want to do project work of any scale.

We can help you gain pre-qualification for these agencies and can conduct certification audits for accreditation against these standards and are locally owned and run, based right here in Albany and work all across the Great Southern, and across the country. Our clients benefit from our expertise in gaining work with organisations such as the Water Corporation, Western Power, Main Roads, Main Roads and many others.

Contact us to discuss the value these processes can offer for your business.



ISO standards win contracts

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Value or cost?

Maybe the money saved not getting an expert like a competent Geotechnical engineer to assess this one wasn’t actually a saving in the end.

Services or products that help prevent costly clean ups like this one (assuming they didn’t have anyone killed) should be looked at more for the value they add, not the cost. Otherwise it’s just a roll of the dice and the house always wins eventually.

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