Are your subcontractors doing this?

Like this video below, these people are out there and not just overseas far away.

If you have subcontracted work out, how do you know the subbies will perform to your expected standards? Well, in some aspects you don’t. But in the same bucket, that goes for your own staff too.

So then why accept a lower standard for subcontractors than for staff? The way to check is through a workable, simple and effective pre-qualification process that at least goes to reasonable efforts to check they’ve got the skills, knowledge, training, and basic systems in place to work at the level you desire. Formalising this pre-qual process will help you comply with 8.1.4 Procurement from the new ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

Then it’s all in the follow up. Like team members, if you don’t check, you’ll be missing the opportunities to encourage positive behaviours and performance as well as discourage the less desirable ones.

Click the following link:  Video – Hiab lift almost goes very badly        (reposted from Instagram/health_and_safety)

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