The more employers we talk to in non-transport industries, the clearer it is that the understanding of Load restraint laws is lacking.

For example in Western Australia there are some who believe they only apply to road trains and transport companies, or still think it’s only the driver who is liable.

Well, as with them, can I suggest you’re likely able to influence transport more than you think. If you have work vehicles to deliver a service, order stores or parts that arrive by road, or produce a product that gets to its final home via road (even if it’s taken there by the customer), maybe review your risks and plan to manage them.

You’re likely expected to comply with the Load restraint guide (cited in the Road Traffic Regs in most states incl. WA), and chain of responsibility aspects too. Drop us a line if you want some more info.

It’s not as bad as it seems, and we won’t be getting you to tied loads down like the picture below.