We all know the dangers of how a home handyman can be more trouble than it’s worth. The video clip below shows one of many different versions seen in all industries.

Well, the HSEQ industry is no different. Yes some can do a great job themselves and other so called experts can be shockers.

If you’re doing it yourself, the product still needs to be workable and handle more than the brick wall in the video clip does. It might seem ok for now but remember the systems you’re building often only really get tested when it’s critical they work.

Just because they pass an audit or the client looks them over and accepts them for a tender, it does not mean they’ll work for what they’re intended for. For example, if a working at heights procedure passes an audit, but won’t help stop workers get injured from falls (e.g. it stops them no better than if you didn’t have it), then it was a waste of time having it in place. If it’s unworkable and you need to do something different to achieve the intent (not injured from a fall), then it wasn’t any good either.

So doing HSEQ systems yourself can definitely have advantages over many of the purchased packages, none less valuable than it being how you know and want a job done. But if you’re going to guess and do stuff that is how you think it is probably q meant to be done, then you’re likely at some stage to end up with some aspects as weak as this brick wall.